Founder, StartupsofLondon, HerGunOgren

What do we have in common? 🧐

We have London in common.
We have our love of tech in common.
We have our love of learning and pushing ourselves in common. 
We have curiosity in common.

🍾 You made it here, so a warm welcome to the Startups of London Social Club! 

Now that you are finally here, we are bigger! 😊 

With our team of 5, we are building SOL to be the voice of this ecosystem and glad to have you here.

Perhaps you are looking for a cool job at a startup, or you are the founder of one! Maybe you are an entrepreneur or a freelancer. You must have questions.

This is a social space for all of us, where we will also hold monthly meetups to socialise and learn.

To start, see below. 👇
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Let me introduce myself...

What a wierd time to be alive in... In all this chaos of redefiniton of how companies should work and how a good life should be lived; I believe entrepreneurs and startups are a force for good. 

The good is for the individual entrenrepeneurs, pushing themselves to understand markets and grow... But it is also for the new type of organisations that are built to innovate.

Because of this belief I see any minute building Startups of London as a great investment for the future. 

I am the founder of Startups of London, multiple time founder and author and mentor to some startups. So good to have you here.

Let's get past the marketing fluff here, and ask bold and difficult questions about building a business in London. Let's learn from each other.